In many cases companies have already invested heavily in information management (content, data, business intelligence, and related implementations). However, spending typically has been ad hoc with no systematic plan for full effectiveness within the business or across the enterprise. Often business strategy and benefits are department aligned rather than business aligned:

Many times these "enhanced" information management capabilities go unused. The benefits of a fully integrated information management solution using content, data, workflow automation, business intelligence, and collaboration tools together have the potential to add so much more in terms of business value.

To add to this lost opportunity, through both ad hoc and enterprise licensing, many times companies have already made the required software investment (in total or partially), but products have become shelf-ware, partially used or used in an isolated manner.

How We Can Help:

Stratium Consulting Group can provide a comprehensive information strategy that is aligned to your business vision and goals. We can also assist with:

  • Gap analysis and planning,
  • Requirements and technical design, and
  • Implementation.

Part of the technical design activities can include an assessment of your existing software purchases and any gaps that may require realigning your current software investments.