Business Intelligence is often thought of as the historical and current reporting activities within an enterprise, including sales, marketing, and finance. However, it also includes: Predictive analytics, Trending, Tracking, Data mining, Text mining, and Business performance management.

This suite of information analytics and assessments assists with fact-based decision making (both management and operational) to align closer with business strategy and goals. Delivery of this information comes in many forms, including canned reports, queries, dashboards, charts, pictures, exception reporting, and threshold notifications.

More and more, as platforms of information are adopted enterprise-wide and information types converge - including a holistic view of data, content, and business intelligence - the quality of information is increasingly more personalized, relevant, and timely.

How We Can Help:

Stratium Consulting Group provides strategy and implementation services for business intelligence. We take a holistic view of information, combining content, data, and BI assistance with:

  • Reporting,
  • Online analytical processing,
  • Charting, dashboards, tracking, and trending (including alarm thresholds),
  • Predictive analytics,
  • Data and text mining, and
  • Business performance management.

Where possible, we incorporate newer techniques that provide more timely and personalized information, such as in-memory analytics and visualization.